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The majority of us know the respective months of May 2019 Calendar & the year just by their names and the number of days, which are carried by them but in the reality, the months are far more than their names and the numbers of the days.

May 2019 Calendar

If you just sit back with the access of the Internet and try looking for the derivation of each month, then you are going to end up recognizing each month as much more than by its name.

May 2019 Calendar

So, if you are having that kind of will power and you want to know more about the month of May, then you are at the correct article.

Here in this article, we are going to make our discussion about the month of May in the context of its derivation, holidays, and the general climate information of the May across the World.

2019 May Printable Calendar

May is the fifth month of the year which is the same both in the earlier followed Julian calendar and also in the presently followed Gregorian calendar. The month is comprised of the 31 days and it can be considered as the third month of the year which contains the 31 days.

2019 May Printable Calendar

The month is basically recognized as the month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, while as the autumn in the Southern Hemisphere which can be considered as equivalent to the month of November in the Northern Hemisphere.

May Blank Calendar 2019

The month of may is basically considered as the second month of the spring in the majority of the places of the world and the last part of May is acknowledged as the official beginning of the summer in most part of the globe.

May 2019 Blank Calendar

The end of the may bring the summer holidays for the school’s children, and you can start witnessing the arrival of the extreme heat of summer season by the end.

Derivation of the Month

2019 May Calendar PDF

If we talk about the derivation of the month of May then it’s believed that the month holds its root from the ancient Greek Goddess “Maia” after whose name the name of May has been derived.

2019 May Calendar PDF

The Goddess Maia is known as the symbol of fertility and in the same sense, the month of May is also known as the month of fertility when the people across the world cultivate their crops.

May Portrait Calendar 2019

May Portrait Calendar 2019

In the earlier famous Latin, a language the month of May has been derived from the Latin word “Maius”. In the ancient Roman empire, the special devotion and the worship are offered to the Goddess of Virgin Mary and the “Maia” Goddess as the month is dedicated to both of these Goddesses.

Facts About the Month of May

2019 May Landscape Calendar

There are many random yet the logical facts about the month of May which a person should be aware of, in order to know this month completely.

2019 May Landscape Calendar

Here we are providing you with some of the amazing facts about this month, which will let you see the month from a closer view.

2019 May Calendar With Holiday

2019 May Calendar With Holiday

  • In the Northern Hemisphere, the majority of the majority of the festivals are celebrated in the month of May and the month is also celebrated to appreciate the contribution of labours and other lower working class people in the most of the countries.
  • If you are a film fanatic then you would be glad to know that the Cannes film festival also takes places in the month of May, and it is known as one of the largest film festivals in the film industries.
  • Well, if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature in May then you shouldn’t be missing the flower show which is celebrated in the world famous hill station of Ooty(India)
  • In the United Kingdom, the month of May is celebrated as one of the most significant months, since during this month Queen Victoria was born who is having the supreme contribution in the development of the United Kingdom.
  • If you believe in the horoscope things then you would be happy to be aware that the birthstone for the month of May is Emerald.
  • Long before there was a very famous notion or the tradition as per which the month of May was the worst month to get married.
  • May is celebrated as the nation’s smile month in the United Kingdom.
  • The famous Empire State Building was officially opened on the day of the 1st month.
  • The people who are born in the month of May up to the 20th may do have the Taurus zodiac, while the people who are born on the onwards day of May do have the Gemini Zodiac.
  • Lilly of the Valley and the Crataegus monogamy are the dedicated flowers to the month of May.

Festivals and the other Celebrations in the Month of May

May Excel Calendar 2019

May is considered to be as the official month of summer, as by the end of May we have the school and other kinds of holidays.

May 2019 Excel Calendar

There are many other such memorial days which are celebrated in this month, and here below we are listing the majority of those days.

  • May 1- It is celebrated as the Loyalty day for the loyalty of the United States people and the servants for their loyalty towards the Country.
  • May 2- Scurvy Awareness Day
  • May 5- Cinco De Mayo
  • May 6- It is celebrated as the national nurses day to appreciate the contribution of nurses in the health of the nation.
  • May 11- National Twilight Day
  • May 22- Musical Instrument Day
  • May 26- Sally Ride Day

These are some of the major days of may which make this month as the most memorable day.

Global Climate in the Month of May

Well, the climate is the significant parameter by which a month can be acknowledged differently in the comparison of the other month, as we tend to witness the different climate in each passing month.

If we talk about the climate for the month of May then it is the month which is considered to be the half spring and half summer day. In the second part of May, we witness the arrival of the summer in the majority of the countries.

May is the month which brings the larger days in the comparison of the nights which is just the opposite of the winter season. You will witness a significant rise in the scale of temperature as the average temperature in the month of May can easily surpass the 25 degrees on average temperature.

If we talk about the climate of May particularly in the context of the United States, then here you can easily witness the temperature scale nearly touching 30 degrees. On an average temperature in the United States for the month of May is around 27+ degrees, which makes it a perfect month if you want to enjoy your sun bask time around the several beaches of the country.

There is like 14 hours of sunshine time in the United States for the month of May, which brings the longest days in the country. There are some decent probabilities of the rain too with the estimated rainfall of 153 mm, yet it won’t ruin your perfect sunny day weather.

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